You want to Advocate for Us and our Ministry?  Thank You!

The following facts might greatly encourage and motivate you!

  • Our monthly e-newsletter is sent to about 500 people and about 50% of the recipients open our emails.
  • Moreover, research shows that 60% of people who are asked individual-to-individual to support a missionary family or ministry will join the support team.
  • So, if each of you who are reading this at this moment share about our ministry with 4 friends and ask them to get our updates, pray for us, and donate $10 per month, at least 2 will commit to doing so.  
  • If each of you are able to get 2 friends to pray and donate $10 per month to our ministry, then we’ll have $3000 more per month in donations and 300 new prayer partners!

So, maybe you’re thinking to yourself, “I don’t want to beg my friends for money, that’s weird.”  Well, we used to think that way as well.  When we raised support before we left for the Philippines years ago our thinking changed and it has changed further since that time.  

So, why do I have the audacity to ask you to advocate and get your friends to pray and give to our ministry?  There are two simple reasons:
1.  As I have researched marketing and fund development for my executive roles in Pioneers, my thinking has changed even further about my own partnership development and we’ve become more humble and courageous about it.  After all, people can raise millions of dollars to save three-legged cats and dogs, so surely we can raise enough money for our personal and ministry expenses in order to send missionaries to save hundreds or thousands of human souls.  I believe that this is the best way that my family and I could spend our lives at this time.  God called us to this, and I humbly (truly) believe that investing in our ministry is one of the best investments that a person could make.  I’m not comparing with other ministries, there are a lot of great things that God’s people are doing around the globe, my point is simply that we believe in our ministry and think that it is worth your and your friends’ investment.  How often do we encourage our friends to go spend money on a new Starbucks drink, or a great new movie, or the latest smart phone?  How often do we encourage our friends to invest in God’s kingdom by praying and donating to a trusted friend’s ministry?
2.  God designed His kingdom so that certain people would be set apart for full-time vocational ministry (Levitical priests, certain local church elders - aka pastors, and missionaries) and most of them would depend on God’s family to provide the necessary financial (and other) resources.  Why?  The full answer is too large to include here.  But, the main reason is that God wants to force dependence among his people and force his people to together depend on God.  The following diagram illustrates what I’m getting at:

God calls the church to set apart certain people for full-time vocational ministry.  Those ministers then pray and ask God who to share the need with and how to share.  Then the minister has the privilege of sharing about his/her ministry with potential partners and challenges the potential partners to ask God if and how they might support the ministry.  The potential partners are challenged and encouraged in their faith as they learn more about God’s work in the world and ask God if and how they can be involved.  What a privilege to share about God and his specific work through our ministry with others and to encourage others to talk to God about making an offering of prayer and financial generosity to God’s work through vocational ministers!  So, we’d like to extend the privilege to you to bring your friends before God and pray for them and with them, and encourage and challenge them to pray and give to our ministry.  The diagram below shows what we have in mind:

How You Could Advocate:
1.  Pray about and decide which four (or more) friends that you will share with about our ministry and challenge to seriously consider praying for and donating to our ministry.
2.  Either arrange a meeting with each of your four (or more) friends or introduce us to your friend by email, Skype, Facebook, or another method that you prefer.
3.  Share about our ministry with your friend.  Either check out our website, or contact us for more info about our ministry if you don’t feel like you can competently share about our ministry.
4.  Specifically ask your friend to sign up for our updates, to pray, and to donate whatever amount you are donating per month (or an amount that you feel God wants you to mention).  If they need time to think and pray, set a date that you will follow up with them about it (a couple days is usually best).  Of course give instructions for how they can sign up, keep updated, and donate.

Thank You!